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Style Your Silhouette 2-Part Course:

How to Dress the Body You Have
and Love it

WARNING: This is NOT Your Average “Body Type” Course

The Crucial Body shape Misconception:

Good news! Nothing is wrong with your body…

The Rules Meltdown:

Why the “experts” (and their hard-and-fast body type rules) do your style a serious misservice…

FIRST ACCESS to our NEW 2-Part Style Your
Silhouette course:

I’ve spent the last year creating this multi-module 2-part course to directly address this problem…The result? The ONLY course that will teach you the fundamental design rules of creating complete outfits that flatter your figure, and – if you want – to BREAK those rules to wear what you love and still look fabulous!

Starting January 5th, 2021…

A Different Kind of Body Type Course is Coming

Doors to sign up close on December 30th!

Dressing for Your Body shape
Doesn’t Have to be Complicated,
Restrictive, or SHAMEFUl

Though that’s how most of us feel when trying to dress our “body type” — as if we have flaws to hide.  

I have good news for you. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR BODY.

Your hips aren’t too wide or narrow, your shoulders aren’t too broad, nor is your torso too short. 

You. Are. Fabulous. 

  • So, what’s the issue? Your fabulous hips, gorgeous shoulders, or long legs steal the spotlight! They demand all of the attention, without even trying.
  • The solution? Learning where and how to shine the spotlight to bring out your other gorgeous features. 

Seems easy enough…yet so many women I know are frustrated with the limitations that come with the rules of dressing for their body type, or they feel like they have to CHOOSE between balancing their bodies or wearing what they love.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Sign up for our “Style Your Silhouette” 2-Part Course, Starting January 5th, 2021

Style Your Silhouette is the only program of its kind. Course 1 shows you exactly how to dress to flatter your figure — and Course 2 dives deeper into your unique proportions AND shows you how you can break the rules to suit your style and wear what you love.

Just want Course 1? No problem! Click here to sign up for the special launch price of just $147 (normally $197).

Doors to sign up close on December 30th!

Finally, A Body Type Course
personalized to *YOUR* body

Unlike other body type courses that either barely scratch the surface of what you need to know or flood you with overwhelming dos-and-don’ts for EVERY body type…we take a more tailored approach.

During Course 1 (starting January 5th), at the beginning you will identify your body type and learn all the rules for tops, pants, shorts, skirts, shoes and accessories tailored just for YOUR silhouette. By the end of Course 1, you will nail and understand the fundamentals for creating complete outfits for your body shape!

During Course 2 (starting March 30th when you sign up for both), you will learn about specialty sizes, dresses, layers, swimwear, your unique fit challenges (and how to solve them), the rule of thirds, and perfectly pairing pants with shoes. By the end of Course 2, you will know how to BREAK the rules for all categories to suit you best!

I find this approach works best because…

  • You DO get to enjoy easy, straightforward lessons that are all about you — putting an end to the “does this apply to me?” confusion. 
  • You DO get specific tips and guidelines for styling your unique silhouette — no one else’s! 
  • You DON’T have to try to figure out your body type before you start the course. 
  • You DON’T have to worry about committing to the WRONG course for your body type.

Sound good? Here’s how it works...


Sign up for Course 1 or BOTH courses with this special launch. Enroll between 12/ 21 – 12/30 to start Course 1 January 5th!


In January, start Course 1 to identify your body shape and learn all the rules for tops, pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, shoes, and accessories for your body shape — no one else’s!


If enrolled, start Course 2 March 30 to dive deeper into your unique proportions, dresses, layers, swimwear, your unique fit challenges (and how to solve them), how to break the rules for ALL categories, and much more!


Course 1 has 6 modules and is all about learning the rules for tops, pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, shoes, accessories. By the time you’re done with Course 1, you WILL have the knowledge to create entire outfits that flatter your silhouette. In fact, you will even have the opportunity to go through it TWICE, so you feel confident you know it.

Module 1:
Your Body is Beautiful

Module 2:
Discovering Your Body shape

Module 3:
perfect (for you) Tops

Module 4:
Perfect (for you) Pants, jeans, Shorts & Skirts

Module 5:
Shoes & Accessories for your body shape

Module 6:
undergarments for your best silhouette

Interested in JUST Course 1?

Now offering Course 1 for the special launch price of just $147 (normally $197).


Course 2 has 8 modules and really digs into the special details. You will learn more about your unique proportions (petite, plus, tall, waist length, torso length and more!), dresses, layers, swimwear, your unique fit challenges (and how to solve them), how to break the body-type rules for ALL categories, the rule of thirds, and how to pair the right shoes with different pant styles.

Module 1:
All About Speciality Sizes

Module 2:
perfect (for you) Dresses

Module 3:

Module 4:

Module 5:
Your Unique Fit Challenges 

Module 6:
How to Break the Body type Rules 

Module 7:
Applying the
Rule of Thirds

Module 8:
Perfectly Pairing Pants With Shoes





Originally valued at $̶50̶0̶

The BIG benefits of signing up for both courses now is that you get this special launch bundle price, AND first access to Course 2 (which won’t be released to ANYONE else for several months!).

interested in JUST Course 1?

Now offering Course 1 for the special launch price of just $147 (normally $197).

Who Am I And How Can I Help You?

Hi! I’m April, the creator of the Stunning Style Classic Wardrobe Guides and the Perfectly Put Together: Find Your Style course. I’ve devoted years to figuring out my style so I look and feel my best, and helping other women do the same. One critical aspect of my style is dressing to flatter and balance my figure as a pear-shaped woman.

If you’ve been around me for a while, you know I love…and hate rules. Knowing them is powerful, and knowing how to break them so I can wear what I love is just as powerful.

My newest courses focus on body shapes, how to identify yours, what makes yours special, how to flatter it, and how to break the rules to make your style truly yours. I created this course to help women of all shapes and sizes understand the body type rules and then help them personalize it all to their unique body, style and lifestyle.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of women identify, create and flourish in their own personal style. Let me help you break free of all the rules the “experts” want to give you so you can create your own rules to live by so you look and feel amazing everyday.

“After taking other body type courses I was so frustrated because I couldn’t wear what I loved! I’ve had a sneak peek at parts of the new Style Your Silhouette courses, and April has really nailed it, going above and beyond. 

Course 1 is very thorough, and she doesn’t leave you hanging, but I’m especially excited to learn how to break the rules and wear things I “shouldn’t” in course 2. I’ve never seen anything like it! As a member of the Society and April’s other course, I can tell you her lessons are always clear and helpful as she helps you personalize your style. I can’t wait to see the rest!”


- Lynette L.K.


I hear you. I’ve taken several body type courses myself and they always left me feeling…dissatisfied, a little bit cheated, and looking for another one! 

Style Your Silhouette is NOT a general overview of all body types with sweeping recommendations. It is thorough, specific, tailored to your body type.


Everything in this course is valuable, informative, and covers all you need to know for putting together a complete outfit for your body shape. No padding the course to make you feel like you’re getting a lot and leaving you with a lot of questions.

My goal is that you walk away from Course 1 with a deep satisfaction and crystal-clear understanding of how to create complete outfits that flatter your silhouette. 

And, then, if you’re ready to go even deeper into your unique proportions and start breaking the rules that stifle your style…well, that’s what Course 2 is for. 😉

You will get access to Module 1 immediately, and the rest of the course begins on January 5.

The course will be dripped out twice a week for six weeks so you have time to do each section and to give you time to understand each concept before we move on. It’s really the best method for learning. Once you complete the course you can go to any of the modules and lessons whenever you want.

It’s critical for you to really nail and understand your body type, the best practices for dressing it to enhance your best features, how they work for you, and the purpose/benefits of them so you can truly understand the effects and benefits of dressing for your body shape, which all happens in Course 1

Once you really have that down, you’ll fully know which rules you want to break. In fact, we’re taking you through Course 1 twice in a row so you really understand it and have time to practice it before you get access to course 2 on March 30. You aren’t required to do it 2 times, but you will receive the module email series twice.

No. Because none of the Course 1 information will be repeated in Course 2, it’s essential that you go through Course 1, so we are on the same page. No exceptions! Not even for Stacy London herself. 😉   

First, the incredible savings — you save $126 off both courses with the special bundle offer. 

Second, you get first access — it will be quite some time before we offer this course in its entirety. Once the doors close on December 30th, you won’t see this chance to join for several months.

It really depends on you. You will get out of it what you put into it. The sections are broken up into bite-size pieces so you don’t have to do each lesson all at once. I would plan on 1-2 hours each week, but that can vary. You have access to the courses forever, so if you need to break it up even more, pause, or rewind, go ahead! Take it at your own pace. It will be there for you when you are ready to continue!

You get access to the courses and any updates forever, so if this isn’t the best time for you to take it, it will be waiting for you when the time is right. You can take it and retake it, and revisit it whenever you want to, but this is the only time you can take advantage of this special offer.

Yes, we offer payment plans for both the Bundle Offer (Course 1 & 2) as well as the singular purchase of Course 1. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Course 1 ONLY: 2-part payment plan over 30 days.
  • Course 1 & 2 Bundle: 4part payment plan that occurs every 30 days.

Sign up for our “Style Your Silhouette” 2-Part Course, Starting January 5th, 2021

Style Your Silhouette is the only 2-part program of its kind. It not only shows you exactly how to dress to flatter your figure — but how you can break the rules to suit you and wear the things you love.

Just want Course 1? No problem! Click here to sign up for the special launch price of just $147 (normally $197).

Doors to sign up close on December 30th!

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