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Are you ready to create a classic-style wardrobe that makes you feel amazing?

What if I told you that in a matter of days, you could:​

  • Learn a step-by-step way to upgrade your classic style
  • Build a year-round wardrobe you love
  • Find quality items that make you look and feel AMAZING
  • End the daily misery of deciding what to wear
  • AND, have most of the shopping and curating done for you!

Would you Join me?

“I have learned so much from April. She is very knowledgeable about classic style but realizes it looks different for different people. Fall 2019 was my first season. I’m shopping with confidence and I LIKE getting dressed. I’m totally hooked!”

~ Paulette, Society Member

Do you want to look effortlessly stylish, but don't have the time To figure it all out?

You're in the Right Place!

And if you're anything like me...

When classic style wasn’t trending, you copied trends that didn’t suit you because it was too hard to find what you love. And let’s face it ladies, even though classic style is…classic, sometimes it can feel dated, boring, and stuffy. Practically perfect, but something is off…

Maybe you’ve worked with a fashion professional or program who taught you how to dress THEIR style so you look like their clone and wonder where your individuality went.

Perhaps you follow bloggers whose style is aspirational, but not functional. (We all love the look, but wearing 5-inch heels is a “hard no” for me unless I want to look like a drunk baby giraffe).

Or you’re afraid to try any new trends, because what if you try…and look silly…


Who has time to reinvent her wardrobe every season?!

Instead of appearing chic & trendy, I looked & felt uncomfortable.

Hi, I’m April Grow.

This is what I looked like a few years ago. The classic style I loved often felt stuffy, outdated and uncomfortable. My outfits were wild swings between dressing like I was ready for tea with the queen or a fast-fashion faux pas. But instead of updating my classic style to look modern and current, I tried to copy other people’s styles… And that was a disaster. After I had my sixth baby, I realized my identity and style had gotten lost somewhere in motherhood, and I had to find it again. I joined multiple well-known style groups, but they never helped me find my style. Everything was too rigid, too many rules, and there was no room for my personality to shine through. It still wasn’t my style.

But then...

All those style programs helped me realize something.

In order to find my signature classic style, I had to break all the right rules. 

Today, I know which trends to adopt to keep my classic style modern, updated, and perfectly me…and which ones to avoid completely!

Now, I have a wardrobe I love, and getting dressed is stress-free and effortless. No matter what, I always feel comfortable, stylish, and put-together. 

And best of all, I look like me, which is how we all look our most beautiful! 

I believe every woman deserves that, which is why I created the Stunning Style Society. 

Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned so you can effortlessly create your signature classic style and have a wardrobe you love for all seasons — and I do most of the work for you, so you don’t have to!

I look like myself again, which is how we all look our best!

Look like you have a personal stylist dressing you.

Every. Single. Day.

The Stunning Style Society offers the modern classic woman everything she needs to look and feel amazing!

Here's What You Get When You Join:

Annual Program

Stunning Style Society:

  • The 3Cs Style program where I show you how to Collect, Customize, and Curate a stunning classic wardrobe.
  • A complete done-for-you classic-style Wardrobe Guide with links to 30+ timeless pieces in a bold, cool color palette. I have tried on and reviewed each item for color, fit, and fabric, and provided shopping links.
  • A weekly Style Steps course BONUS on creating a look with your Classic Twist, whether that’s Edgy Classic, Cute Classic, Minimal Classic, Soft Classic, or Sporty Classic. Available this year only! (A $147 value by itself!)
  • 100 outfit ideas to inspire you to create your own classic looks. Take the guesswork out of getting dressed each morning.
  • A monthly outfit calendar with suggested combinations so you don’t have to make any fashion decisions if you don’t want to.
  • A custom classics-only shopping portal with 400+ items for each season. Filter by size, color, item, and more to find the perfect version of a classic piece you love. 
  • A safe and supportive members-only Facebook group to swap ideas.
  • Membership Portal and Dashboard

Annual Member BONUSES:

  • April’s closet organization tour to help you make sense of your own closet.
  • A Rule of Thirds cheat sheet to find the golden ratio secret to visually balanced outfits.
  • Tips on how to dress for your body shape.
  • Lasting Power: Care tips to lengthen the life of your favorite pieces.

If you’re ready to learn how to effortlessly create your signature classic style, shop your closet, know how to mix-and-match, and streamline shopping so it’s easy instead of a chore, keep reading.

Stunning Style Society Is Now Open for Only 8 Days!

Join the Stunning Style Society today and get immediate access to the Summer Wardrobe Guide and more.



Annual Membership (4 Seasons!)

$247 Per Year (30% discount)

Yearly Membership to the Exclusive Stunning Style Society. Pay $247 today or $89/month (3 consecutive monthly payments).
Membership Renews Every Year



Seasonal Membership

$87 Per season

Seasonal Membership to the Exclusive Stunning Style Society. Pay $87 today or $29/month (3-month seasonal commitment).
Membership Renews Every Season


1. "Your Signature Style Twist" Course

New Course

Bring more of YOUR personality into YOUR classic style with my new course!

Each season’s (spring, summer, fall, winter) release will be packed with brand new lessons for each Style Twist: Minimal, Sporty, Cute, Edgy, and Soft.

Each Twist comes “fresh out of the oven” in 2021 as I create new content and style tips weekly.

You’ll also get to ask me questions during Facebook Live sessions about how to personalize your Style Twist.

The ONLY way you can get access to this exclusive Style Twist BONUS is by being a Stunning Style Society member.

Get this once-in-a-lifetime FREE COURSE when you join the Stunning Style Society today.

"I love how the in-depth analysis [of the Style Steps] has helped me really think about the look I’m wanting to curate and be intentional about purchasing clothes. I’ve always wanted to give the vibe of polished + up for some adventure, and April has shown me that there are options that do both."

~ Katy B.

2. Seasonal Done-For-You Classic-Style Wardrobe Guide

"I really love April. The seasonal guides are fun and can provide some great current choices for a wardrobe. The shopping links are AWESOME! (that might be the biggest value of all!)"

~ Dana R.

3. Monthly Outfit Calendars

"The calendars of daily inspiration outfits are invaluable!!!

~ Gloria

4. Online Shopping Portal

Shopping Portal

"You have really outdone yourself on the new shopping portal. It is outstanding! I can’t believe how easy it is to find exactly what I am looking for. What a fun surprise for us, and so much more than I ever expected."

~ Debbie R.F.

5. An Exclusive, Members-Only Facebook Group

"I re-joined Facebook solely to join these groups and have met quite a few ladies whom I would love to meet in person, as I feel like we are already buddies. A heartfelt thank you to all of you for helping me re-find myself. It means more than you know."

~ Sarah K-G.

6. Membership Portal

"The content in the [Society] dashboard is so worth the price and then some. I’ve never found anyone like April that conveys info yet still allows the learner to make the final decision on how to incorporate the new knowledge."

~ Alessandra L.

Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses When You Join as an Annual Member

Bonus #1

April's Closet Organization Tour AND EFFICIENCY TIPS

Join me as I take you on a video tour of my closet and share all the tricks I use to keep it organized and efficient.

Bonus #2


Using the Rule of Thirds cheatsheet, I’ll show you how to put together flattering outfits almost instantly based on a proven ratio.

Bonus #3

How to Dress for Your Body Type cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet teaches you the basics of how to dress for your shape. Find easy ways to highlight your fabulous figure.

Bonus #4

Care Tips To Lengthen The Life Of Your Favorite Pieces

Unlock a valuable cheat sheet with tips for storing and cleaning your clothes. You’ll also learn special care tips for unique items.

"I am so lucky to have found you! You have created a vision for all of us lucky ladies to be not only inspired by but given the opportunity to make our wardrobes actually come to life with a click of our keyboards. You have created that opportunity for us at a fraction of the cost that many of us have paid much, much more for."

~ Debbie R.F.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Classic Style Twist quiz will help you figure out what your personal style combination is first. This year with the Style Steps I will teach you how to incorporate them and make each outfit perfectly you. The Year of the Twist will help you create your signature classic style.

No! The seasonal Wardrobe Guides and additional content available to the Society are built around key classic wardrobe items and add in the right seasonal trends to keep you looking modern and fresh. There is never any pressure to buy additional clothes and April always advises to “Shop your closet first!” This will actually save you money as you build a wardrobe that is cohesive and perfect for your Classic Style Twist.

The Stunning Style Society can help any woman who loves classic style and wants to make it her own! Our members include women of every age, size, and stage of life, with a focus on the everyday woman who wants to look and feel great in her classic style.

April, our founder, has been a professional, a stay-at-home mom, and a work-from-home woman, and understands that while classic style is timeless and beautiful, the way it is approached can definitely change during different stages of life. You can wear your classic style in every stage of life, every size of clothing, every age, every shape and look updated, modern, and perfectly you.

Yes! Many of the clothing options will have petite and plus size options available, as well as options for each Classic Style Twist!
Click here to enroll in the annual and click here to enroll in the seasonal membership. You can choose either an annual membership for only $247/year or seasonal membership option for only $29/month. After you join, you will receive your welcome email with a link to download the Wardrobe Guide. If you have any questions about this process, please email info@stunningstyle.com and we will assist you!

The Wardrobe Guide isn’t meant to be a limitation. The Guides can be used as a complete capsule wardrobe, inspiration to wear what you already have in new ways, or be a wardrobe refresh. Add anything else you want and keep existing items in your closet.

Take the Classic Style Twist quiz. Read the articles. See what outfits get you the most compliments. What are you drawn to as opposed to what do you feel like you SHOULD wear?

Never! Style is ageless, and every woman at every age, stage, and size deserves to love what she wears, and look and feel her best!

You can cancel your future seasonal or annual auto-renewal at any time by emailing info@stunningstyle.com. We send renewal reminder emails in advance to ensure you are aware of the renewal as well.

The Wardrobe Guides have helped thousands of women to be stunning by providing seasonal classic outfits and the convenience of shopping links. While a great value and convenience, the Society is how I walk you through the process of building a cohesive classic wardrobe you will love and wear for years to come. 

The Guides paired with Style Steps mean you will get the most from your experience. Best of all, you get increased access to April in Facebook live videos and to the community of Stunners that can answer questions, collaborate and inspire!

The Doors to the Stunning Style Society Are Now Open for Only 8 Days!

Don't Miss out

Society Members Say...

Oh, I love the new Guide and shopping portal. Also, I am trying some new brands. I would never have tried them if it weren’t for April. I don’t have time to shop. This Guide makes this so much easier to find great classics. Thank you, April!!!!!

Megan F.

I only had a minute to look at the guide before I had to go back to running errands today, but I LOVE it! I think one of my favorite things about it is that I already have a lot of the items. And now April is showing me how to use them together. Plus a little extra interest with the items I don’t have…yet

Deesha F.

April is a mentor. Honestly, learning how to dress and wear makeup has affected all my relationships and interactions with others. I continue to have experiences where strangers and even old acquaintances treat me the way I want to be treated. These seemingly simple guides have been a powerful change for good. I wish I had these tools years ago!

Lorria B.

“This is my favorite styling space! Yes, I signed up. No brainer! You and your talents are a blessing to me for sure.”

Kathy J.

Here's Why You Need to Get Inside the Stunning Style Society Today

The best time to build a classic-style wardrobe you love might have been last year.

The next best time is today...

We all wish that we ALREADY had our style defined and a closet full of clothes that we can effortlessly mix and match in five minutes or less with a signature twist that makes our style our own.

But to get there, you need to take stock of where you are TODAY! Resolve to end the impulse buying, getting lost in trends, and instead build your own customized, cohesive wardrobe that will have everyone saying…

"That is so you!"


You finally create your perfect classic-style wardrobe

The Wardrobe Guides and the Style Steps will help you look effortlessly chic! This is your moment to turn heads and have people asking, “What are you doing to look so good these days?!”

You look your best in just a few minutes every morning

Using the custom wardrobe I curated just for you and… a monthly outfit calendar with daily outfit recommendations so you don’t have to think about what to wear! Unless you have something against saving time, this is BIG.

You enjoy shopping that is finally fun, fast, and easy

No more rash, trendy purchases that don’t fit you or your style. The online shopping portal is a curated selection I’ve vetted for you! I’ve already ordered and tried on all the featured items in the seasonal wardrobe, so you can shop with confidence from your couch!

You have confidence that you look your best every single day

Whether you’re running the kids around, meeting up with friends, volunteering, heading to work, or going out on a date night, you will look effortlessly chic. Never again feel frumpy or dated in your classic style (no judgment. We’ve all been there).

Stop wasting hours staring into your closet, searching the internet, and wasting money on clothes you wear only once—or never wear, and worse…

I want you to CONFIDENTLY wear your classic style and know you look updated and chic. And it almost feels like you’re cheating because it looks like you have your own personal stylist dressing you (because you do).

And I want you to thank yourself for choosing Stunning Style today.

You deserve it.

"That feeling you get when you know you look and feel amazing in your clothes!"

~April Grow

Stunning Style Society Is Now Open for Only 8 Days!

Join the Stunning Style Society today and get immediate access to the Summer Wardrobe Guide and more.



Annual Membership (4 Seasons!)

$247 Per Year (30% discount)

Yearly Membership to the Exclusive Stunning Style Society. Pay $247 today or $89/month (3 consecutive monthly payments). Membership Renews Every Year



Seasonal Membership

$87 Per season

Seasonal Membership to the Exclusive Stunning Style Society. Pay $87 today or $29/month (3-month seasonal commitment).
Membership Renews Every Season

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