The All-About-You Solution…

to find YOUR style, create outfits you love, and have the confidence to wear them.


“Do you know what your style is?”

I remember asking myself this question over and over again. It’s one that can make you feel like a complete fashion failure, even if you’re wearing all the right things“.

After I left my corporate job to be a stay-at-home mom of triplets, I had my first major identity crisis. Suddenly, I had no idea what to wear, what I liked, or who I was. The only casual clothes I owned were a few tees, a couple of chinos, and some sneakers. Not even a pair of jeans!! And I didn’t have the time, money, or energy to start a new wardrobe, so I limped along with what little I had.

Five kids and four years later, we moved across the country. At the same time, clothing silhouettes were changing drastically and that really sent me into a fashion tailspin. Trying to regain control, I tried on other women’s styles, fell for all the trends, and…felt like an imposter.

I finally decided enough was enough

After baby number 6, it was time to find my style.
After a LOT of trial and error, I finally figured out the steps to:

  • Find MY style, not copy someone else’s
  • Navigate the trends confidently. Now I know what I love, what I don’t…and WHY!
  • Create outfits that work for every part of my life – mom, wife, business owner, and more
  • Easily shop for any type of clothing – from casual to dressy, workout to swimwear

The lost years...
and perfectly
put together.

I copied the first outfit straight from Pinterest.

I thought I was so chic…until I saw this picture and realized this hodgepodge of trends was all wrong FOR ME. The second outfit is chic and comfortable, makes me feel amazing, and it’s PERFECTLY ME. I can easily keep up with my 6 kids and our busy life.

You've seen those women who seem to know exactly what they love and what suits them.

Every outfit is just right, and they look so comfortable in who they are and what they wear because they know their style.

But when your outfits don’t look or feel like you, it’s more like playing dress up as you try on other women’s styles.

Right now you believe you are a lost cause, that you can’t be that woman, and that you don’t deserve to invest the time or money in yourself to look and feel your best.

I’M here to tell you…

No one is a lost cause, you CAN be that woman, and you DESERVE to look and feel your best!

Every outfit can make you look and feel fabulous, authentic, and confident when you know what your style is, and I can help you find it. This empowering process has helped thousands of women find their personal style and look perfectly put together.

Every. Single. Day.

“Having recently come through my own dark time when I allowed much of what I wore, how I looked and the length of my hair to be influenced strongly by the opinion of someone else – it is freeing to once again find myself. It’s been a year of transformation personally and professionally and April with this course…has helped so much over the last few months!”
 -Stacy N.

Thank you, April and PPT. I made far fewer purchasing mistakes this summer than I ever have. I kept nothing that did not fit my criteria for once in my life! I didn’t settle. I love the colors In my closet. I have clothing pieces I hope will last a long, long time.”
– Joy K.

Imagine what it
will feel like
when you...

  • Know what you love and why
  • Have clothes that feel as if they were made with you in mind
  • Know which colors make you glow
  • Have a closet full of only your favorites
  • Quickly create outfits you love with no second guessing
  • Walk out the door with your shoulders rolled back wearing outfits that make you look and feel amazing
  • End the cycle of constantly shopping and returning because you finally know what you want

“I am happy to have found this group and program. Over the past several years I have been working to be more ‘put together’ and find a style that works for me and my life. I want to be very intentional about the clothes I have and hone my style so that once I’m at my goal I can cultivate a wardrobe that I love! Thank you April!”
– Diana S.

Thank you, April and PPT. I made far fewer purchasing mistakes this summer than I ever have. I kept nothing that did not fit my criteria for once in my life! I didn’t settle. I love the colors In my closet. I have clothing pieces I hope will last a long, long time.”
– Joy K.

What Would It Mean to Give Yourself Permission…

to look amazing and wear what you love?

Imagine getting dressed without the daily dread because you feel confident in your effortlessly stylish, comfortable – and best of all – perfectly you outfits.

Imagine eliminating the struggle and overwhelm of shopping and putting together outfits when you stop following the rules and start wearing what works for you!





Perfectly Put Together Is the
All-About-You Solution
to Find YOUR Style

Through the Perfectly Put Together course, I’ve worked with thousands of women of every style, age, weight, and size, and listened to their style stories. As I’ve walked with them through the journey, I’ve seen how it has shaped every aspect of their lives.

To build a purposeful wardrobe you love, it’s essential to find YOUR style. And guess what? That style is already inside you.

All you need is a little structure from the Perfectly Put Together Course to draw it out.

The easy-to-follow program gives you a clear plan to define what you love, what you don’t, and WHY, no matter how the trends or your life change.

Go from “That can’t be me” to
“This is perfectly me!”

Whether you prefer dressy or casual, glam or comfort-first, work in an office or stay home,
or any style in between – this is the ideal course for you.

In just 7 weeks, Perfectly Put Together teaches you:


Define Your Wardrobe Needs

Module 1 – Five elements of an outfit

Module 2 – What Is Your Lifestyle? Messy or Dressy?

Module 3 – Combining the Messy and Dressy Wardrobes

In the first three modules we start from the very beginning as you create a foundation for refining your wardrobe and putting together outfits with ease and confidence. Together we go through the elements of an outfit and identify what to look for, what to avoid, and how they fit together FOR YOU. No one else.

You’ll understand the elements of each outfit, what your lifestyle is like, what the options are, how to find the perfect ones for yourself, and several examples of what to look for.


Get Real About What You Want

Module 4 – Ignore the Should

Module 5 – Do You Want To Whisper, Speak or Shout?

Customizing your wardrobe and outfits means this has to be all about you, and I guide you through the process of asking the right questions so you know what you need from your clothes and an outfit. No more wearing what you think you SHOULD wear, and yes to wearing what you love and works for you.

“I loved the shoulds lesson! As a perfectionist, I’ve learned to temper my inner critic who is constantly talking to me about shoulds. Some of those shoulds I follow to a T. There are other shoulds I ignore. I’m my own authority and I like this look and will wear it, thank you very much.” – M.G.

“I am currently on Module 5 and I am really finding this idea of whisper, speak and shout very helpful. I wore a top yesterday that I like, but on me it always makes me uncomfortable. I realized last night that it is too loud – shouting – for me. Thank you, April!” – Valerie G.


Discover Your Style Preferences

Module 6 – Using Color to Whisper, Speak, or Shout

Module 7 – Using Pattern to Whisper, Speak or Shout

Module 8 – Using Sheen And Shine to Whisper, Speak, or Shout

Module 9 – Find The Special

Module 10 – Prioritize Comfort

It doesn’t matter how stylish your wardrobe is, if you don’t feel great in those clothes, you won’t wear them. This is where we get it right for you so you love and feel fantastic in your outfits. After learning these secrets you can define your style

  • Define your style
  • Customize your wardrobe
  • Make it cohesive and interesting (but not overwhelming)
  • Create a wardrobe that’s perfectly… you


Put It All Together

Module 11 – 1-2-3 Outfit Formulas

Module 12 – Find Your Uniform

Now that you know what you do and don’t love in every part of your wardrobe, it’s time to put it all together with 3 outfit formulas to get you started! They make putting together perfect-for-you outfits so simple you won’t have to think about it! It’s truly as easy as 1-2-3, and you’re dressed!

Finally, I help you find your uniforms, those go-to combinations that make you feel like a million bucks every single time. Every fashionista has them, and they are the ultimate easy button. Style magic! Once you see them, you can’t unsee them.

“After I took the Perfectly Put Together course, things finally clicked for me! I now understand what I like, and why.” – Carolyn C.

What does the bonus library include?

Bonus #1

Find Your Colors

Follow this proven method to create a color palette that completely flatters your look.

Bonus #2

Art of the Selfie Video

Learn how to curate an album of selfies taken from your best angle for quick reference on super busy days.

Bonus #3

Closet Clean Out

Psst: I’ll walk you through my own closet cleanout to make it easier to understand.

Bonus #4

Everyday Makeup Tips That
You Can Use Today

From warm to cool skin tones, use these tips to bring out your natural beauty.

Perfectly Put Together Is
Perfect for You…

whether you are an aspiring fashionista or you want to be confident in your style.

“I don’t know what I like!”

Then you are definitely in the right place! This course will help you discover exactly what you do and don’t love…AND WHY. And if you’re nervous, don’t worry! Most of my students have felt the same way at first. You won’t be alone! We have a supportive, welcoming community waiting to walk this journey with you and cheer you on!

“I’m too…(fill in the blank - young, old, short, tall, heavy, small) to look stylish.”

Age, size, height – those don’t determine style. No woman is more attractive than when she feels put together and comfortable in what she is wearing. Every woman can be stylish when she finds her perfect

“I don’t have time.”

I know you’re busy! That’s why you can take this course at your own pace. And because you have access to it forever, you can come back to it whenever you want! If this weren’t important to you, you wouldn’t be here now.

I don’t deserve to look great.”

Few women will say this one out loud, but it’s there. We’ve been taught that putting ourselves last (and I mean putting ourselves never) is what “good” women – wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends – do. You DESERVE to look and feel confident everyday. There is nothing selfish about caring for yourself.

“What if I try to look put together doesn’t work?

Everything is a learned skill, and it comes with practice. We all have our learning curve, and mine was a LONG one. But guess what? If you never make mistakes, it means you aren’t growing or learning. With every outfit you get closer to finding your style. And you will have an advantage I wish I had had: a guide to help you figure it out much faster!

“No one I know gets dressed up.”

You get to decide what you feel comfortable and confident wearing, and Perfectly Put Together will help you figure out what that is. Sometimes one woman who gives herself permission to be authentic gives the women around her confidence to do the same.

“I don’t really go anywhere. I mostly stay home.”

So do I, and you know what? Even on all the days I don’t see anyone but my kids, I stillget dressed because it makes me feel great!I do it for myself. Even if you only want to get dressed on the days you go out, you’ll still feel your

“I can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe.”

And I don’t expect you to! There are some fantastic pieces in your wardrobe that will get a whole new life once you know what you love to wear, how you love to wear it, and how to put together outfits.

30 Day

money back


learn at
your own pace


affordable than
competing courses!

Women around the world are buzzing about perfectly put together


“The Perfectly Put Together course was foundational in my journey to update my wardrobe. Throughout the course April presented topics with enthusiasm, encouragement, and from a place of experience and understanding. Between the video and written lessons, cheat sheets, and homework (The homework was optional, but highly recommended!) I felt empowered to take action. My wardrobe now reflects my lifestyle AND personal preferences. Thank you April for putting together this wonderful course. I’m so thankful for the amazing content you produce. I am forever changed. ”

Kate M.

“I am having so much fun in this group!”

“I am having so much fun in this group. I feel like I have learned so much and I’m finally finding my style. Thank you April. This picture shows an outfit that I love. I can hear my Mom saying. You don’t want to stand out. It’s best to blend in. Wear what everyone is wearing. You SHOULD NOT be wearing sparkles as you’ll be 80 in a couple of years. It’s taken many years and this group [to wear what I love].

Janet C.

“I love the program and what i am learning”

“Every once in a while, I second-guess myself. I went down the path of how I should dress for my body type. So today, I am celebrating style freedom day! As April Ebbert Grow tells us so many times, wear what makes your heart sing. See how happy I look in the pics!.”

Eydie L

We’re changing the rules
of personal style, will you join us?

The fashion industry makes money by telling us what to wear and making us feel a step (or five) behind.
The only fashion rule I have is, “Wear what you love!” and Perfectly Put Together will help you figure out what that looks like.

Let’s take back our style identities! If you’re ready to discover your style, learn to
put together outfits you love, and look perfectly put together, I invite you to join me.

Are you ready to find YOUR style, create outfits you love, and have the confidence to wear them?

Are you ready to discover your personal style?

With Perfectly Put Together, you can make getting dressed
the easiest thing you do every day.

As a Perfectly Put Together member, you get access to:

  • All 12 style modules (visual and written).
  • Access to a private Facebook community where you can get your fashion questions answered ASAP.
  • Access to April in the Facebook community (including live sessions on course topics).
  • A workbook that you can take with you to interact with the lessons in your own unique way.
  • The exclusive Bonus Library.

Best Value

1 Payment of $117 (20% off from $147)


2 Payments of $73
($73 today and $73 in 30 days) 

When you sign up for the course you get instant access to Module 1 and the bonuses! Module 2 opens up the following Tuesday, and every Tuesday and Friday you get access to a new module (along with a reminder email).

Absolutely! Because here’s the thing. You’re not doing this alone. Along with the members of the exclusive Facebook community, you’ll have access to me as we cheer each other on in this powerful and personal journey. I’ve laid out each step for you to work your way through the aha! moments and exactly what you need to do to be perfectly put together.

The course is online at You will receive log-in details within a few minutes of signing up (if you don’t see the email please check your spam and promotions folders). Each lesson includes video tutorials, homework assignments, cheat sheets, and discussion of the content.

Questions about the course content are answered in the exclusive course Facebook group, where you and other women will take this journey together and support each other along with me

Yes! Most of us have and need some of both types of outfits, and throughout the course we define the differences between the two outfit types and how to create them.

We differentiate the two types of wardrobes at the beginning, and many students do the course the first time with their primary wardrobe and then do it again for their other wardrobe.

Yes! You’ll have access to me in the exclusive Facebook Group.

100% Yes!

All course content will be at our website While having access to the Facebook group is great, it is NOT a must for this program.

Some students do create a Facebook account just to access my groups, however. They don’t friend anyone or post on their own page, but it allows them to participate.

I understand! Life is busy, and I work with busy women, from stay-at-home moms, to professional women, to retired women. We have built this course to accommodate your life. The course is self-paced as the lessons become available and you have access to the course FOREVER. You’ll never fall behind.

The benefits of buying now are you can start looking and feeling great whenever you are ready, whether that’s right now or in a month. And the course price will be going up substantially next year! Plus, you owe it to yourself to feel confident every day. YOU DESERVE THIS!

You will always have access to this course, as well as any updates or improvements I make over the years! You can come back and access it at any time, and many of my students do. They learn something new about their style each time.

Nope! By the end of this course, you will know how to shop your closet for outfits you already have (and didn’t even know it!), and how to make better shopping choices in the future. It doesn’t mean you can’t shop, but it’s not usually necessary.

Definitely not! This course is customized to you, your lifestyle, and what you love. There are no rules to follow, but a framework to guide you to items and outfits you will love and wear. You will look like YOU.

The course is dripped out every Tuesday and Friday over six weeks, but you will have unlimited access to the course content (including new content as added down the road) and the exclusive Facebook group ongoing.

The Stunning Style Society provides access to seasonal Wardrobe Guides with a curated wardrobe and outfits. I do all the shopping, curating, collecting and outfit creating for you. The Guides are meant to be a template that you adapt to suit your style, and the Perfectly Put Together course helps you do that.

The Perfectly Put Together course dives into the HOW and the WHY of creating outfits that are perfect for you so you can shop your closet for outfits you love. It will help you refine your style and get the best results from the Guides.