"As a pear, my biggest struggle was finding pants that fit. Learning what bottoms are best for me was so helpful, and I've learned most bottoms I own are too small. Previously I sacrificed fit in the waist or hips. I was letting pants hug my curves too much. So I was wearing them too small to fit the waist and I was uncomfortable."

Sound familiar? Whether you are a pear or a different body shape, if you are like my friend Patti used to be, finding pants that fit well was stressful and a never-ending battle. 

With some tips and a better understanding of how clothes should fit her body shape, she was able to find pants that she loved, fit comfortably, and accentuated all of her best assets. 

In this masterclass, my promise to you is that you’ll leave with the knowledge to walk into your closet and figure out exactly why certain pants do or do not work for your body. 

Even better…I’ll teach you specifics about what works for your specific body shape so you never buy or wear another pair of muffin-making pants again!

My goal for you is:

  • NO MORE shaming yourself for clothes that aren’t right for your body. (Your body is perfect!)
  • NO MORE settling for pants that don’t work for you.
  • NO MORE wasting time and money shopping for pants that don’t fit right.
  • NO MORE muffin top!

Join me in the masterclass by registering in the form below. Save your seat today as attendance is limited.

Hi! I’m April, the creator of the Stunning Style Society and several best-selling courses that help you find and personalize your style and dress for your body shape. I’ve helped tens of thousands of women identify, develop and flourish in their own personal style. Let me help you break free of all the rules the “experts” want to give you so you can create your own rules to live by so you look and feel amazing everyday.

I’m on a mission to empower all women – young and old – by helping them recognize that their bodies are perfect and that the right clothes can make all the difference once you have the knowledge to know what to buy.