ready to finally DISCOVER YOUR SIGNATURE style?

It’s yours in a step-by-step, live coaching program to define your signature personal style and build a timeless wardrobe at your own pace to start turning heads today.

Over 7,000 women coached

Here’s the truth:

Curating an effortless signature style requires 4 key fashion foundations for your wardrobe:

So, what if you could…

Have a step-by-step, easy to understand system, that starts where you’re at now, to finally create your perfect signature style this year… with help from me?

Knowing my body shape, color palette, and foundational style has been a game-changer. April’s guidance helped provide a solid foundation for me to build from. Paying attention to how I felt in each outfit helped me to hone in on the perfect style for me, and wow has it been life changing. If you are feeling stuck, or lost, I highly recommend all of April’s classes. They are one of the best investments I have ever made in myself!

Kate M.

My Style Academy Student

your frustration is REAL

Style information is scattered and there are so many sources of information. How do you know which information is credible and what's not. No blogs or programs pull together all aspects of personal style and teach you how to weave them together for YOUR style in a clear, easy-to-understand way. I hear from my community of 100,000+ women:

You want a richer style experience. You REALLY want to be done wading through Pinterest, paid influencers, and YouTube videos, so you can focus on YOUR style, but you also need customized guidance to master the four fashion fundamentals of your signature style.

Discover Your "Why": Three Women Share Their Reasons for Joining the Academy

AND You’re in the right place, at the right time, if…

Imagine if you could…

How much would your life and confidence change right now if you could move



Being tired of wondering what looks good on you and leaving the house feeling “ok enough” in your outfits.

Stepping out the door each day with a spring in your step because you know you look amazing.

Starting your day staring into your closet praying a “not terrible outfit” you feel “ok enough” in will leap into your arms.


Starting each day confidently because you were able to quickly put together an outfit you look and feel fantastic in.

Spending hours going from store to store – sifting through endless racks – when you’d rather spend that time doing things you enjoy more…


Quick shopping trips that end with the perfect items for you.

Wasting money on those “ok enough” pieces, only to never wear them.


If you want effortless style, then you’re ready for…

My Style Academy

Live your style every day on your own terms with my expert fashion guidance and style experiences in a trusting and supportive community of women to do more than you thought possible, without feeling overwhelmed or left behind.

This is the style content and community I always wished existed.

And if you want to work directly with me, this is the one-and-only way to do it!


ONCE YOU IDENTIFY through My Style Academy

The entire experience is personalized to you and your needs!

Wow. Where do I begin? I’ve taken ALL of April’s courses. Is any one better than the other!?! I think not!! Each course is a piece of the puzzle.

I looked in the mirror (unhappy with what I saw), and thought, “I don’t even know how to dress myself!!!!” I’m serious. At my age, I don’t know how to dress myself or even what that ‘should’ look like. April gives you the tools and walks you through the process. You will find out what *your* true style is and how to put together outfits.

As women, we go through many seasons in our life. And, a lot of that is stressful!! Every day we get up, and we get dressed. Why start the day with frustration and berating ourselves? April will help you ease into the day feeling confident to take on whatever comes your way!

You owe it to yourself to take care of *you* before you step out into the world. Looking perfectly put together gives you that confidence to handle all the roles we play as women.Whatever age you are, or season of life you are in, feeling confident will change your mindset.

I went from “seriously not knowing how to dress myself” to finding out that *I* had a style!!! Me! I had my own style that I had hidden away most of my life. It was so refreshing and freeing to rediscover *me.* You won’t be disappointed and never regret learning about yourself. You deserve this!!! ANY course that April offers is worth the investment in yourself.”

Laura W.

My Style Academy Student

This Is What's Waiting For You When You Enroll in My Style Academy





The first course walks you through the process of discovering your unique formula - your style blueprint - and with these details your learning path is customized specifically to your body shape, your color palette, your lifestyle and your style!
You'll work through discovering your body shape, color palette, foundational style and lifestyle needs.



You’ll learn the basics of how color, pattern, texture, shine, and special details affect your body shape, as well as the definitions of things like pant rise, fabrics, and sleeve styles.
This course sets the foundation for all the remaining courses which are personalized to your body shape, color palette and more - no having to sift through generic information!



Discover the outfit staples you need, what to look for in special pieces, and how to begin pulling together your foundational wardrobe by category so you can easily create outfits.
You'll learn how to maximize your shopping budget, how to shop your closet effectively, how to find (and use!) those special pieces in your wardrobe, and the building blocks of a wardrobe that is successful for you.



Learn the best tops, bottoms, layers, dresses, and accessories to flatter your shape and fill in details of your foundational style for each one as they come together as part of your signature style.
When you finish this course, you'll know how to create a silhouette that you love and feel confident in and we will give you exact information on what works best for you!



Discover your specific preferences for color, pattern, texture, shine, and special details and how to apply them to your foundational style and dressing for your body shape. This course is all about your signature style - how to define and refine it to work with you and your lifestyle. You'll learn how to weave together outfits that shine and are recognizable as your signature style.



Get an in-depth education on your specific seasonal color palette and the nuances of different colors, so you can easily identify your best colors when looking at your clothes. This ground-breaking course will be released in September 2023. This in-depth course on your color palette includes numerous color studies and teaches you how to leverage color as a powerful tool in your outfits.


Refine your foundational style in the small and big details by getting specific about your style identity, and what you love, so every outfit and item in your wardrobe is perfectly you. This course will be released in November 2023.
You'll learn how to pull it all together so getting dressed everyday is stress-free and something you'll actually look forward to.

It's time to give your style the transformation it deserves!

My Style Academy is designed to put all the style tools at your fingertips—whether you’re in your closet, shopping, waiting in line, or even lounging at home.






($197 Value)

I will personally confirm your body shape to ensure you get the best results as you learn to highlight your best assets. This critical step, which many women get wrong, sets you up for success.



($197 Value)

Building your wardrobe just got even easier with seasonal shopping lists, including recommended color palettes to help you embrace the season. Released seasonally in September, December, March, and June for your first year in the Academy.



($297 Value)

Free Access to the My Style Academy membership for one year, including:

  • Bi-weekly LIVE style sessions with April to guide you through your courses 
  • Bi-weekly LIVE coaching sessions
  • LIVE style study group calls with your fellow style explorers 
  • Daily inspiration outfit prompts 
  • A warm, kind community of supportive new friends
  • Your personal style profile 
  • The MSA app so you can easily access everything anytime, anywhere
  • Private outfit albums where you can store your favorite outfits
  • Style Challenges

Auto-renews at the end of Year 1 for $297. May be cancelled anytime up to the auto-renewal date.

What Do Our 3,000+ Course Buyers Think?


If you could go on a professionally guided, high-level style journey with an elite community of women, without having to pay a professional stylist $$thousands$$, would you do it?

But before you answer, let’s talk about the real decision you’re making here:

If you answered, “Yes,” to two or more of these questions then you’re ready for:

The My Style Academy 7-Course Bundle
Start Your Transformation Today!


Act Now Pricing: $697
(Price Going to $897 Soon)

or three equal monthly payments of $239

Our "Try It, Test It, Apply It" Money Back Guarantee

If you’re on the fence…or other programs have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every opportunity to put My Style Academy into action and experience all the benefits and confidence as you pull together your style

I’m so confident that if you jump in and begin to implement what you learn inside of My Style Academy, you’ll start reaping benefits right away that will only continue to grow. The only thing you have to do is suspend your disbelief and give it a chance. 

If, within 7 days, you have given your best effort and completed 3 of the 4 mini courses that compose the Find Your Style Profile course and you feel your purchase was not right for you, email our team at [email protected], let us know what you have completed so far, and let us know you’d like a refund. Note that refunds are based on completion of this portion of coursework to show that you’ve given the program your best efforts.

Having all that knowledge in one place to take in lets you use what you need, when you need it. There are extended community features in the app, a smidge of fashion “gamifying” for those who love that sort of thing as well as a very supportive community. You are not forced to do it all or shamed if you just pick and choose what you need and I like that. Yes, it costs money ( but how much have I wasted on things that were never worn?), so if the confidence and fashion fairy has not visited you so far, investing in yourself seems like a reasonable option.

Maddie K.

My Style Academy Student

My Style Academy Membership FAQs

If you’ve struggling feeling comfortable in your clothes or feel that you lose a lot of time and money shopping the stores (and your closet!) for clothes that just aren’t perfect for you, then the My Style Academy is right for you. While I wish I could go shopping with each of you, I’ve done the next best thing – creating a complete and time-efficient blueprint that will help you dive deep into your personal style as well as ensure you know how to buy clothes that accentuate your beautiful silhouette and have the perfect colors for you.

The courses in the My Style Academy are proven with over 3,000 students. But, results only happens if you put in the effort as you are working on YOUR style. We’ve done the work on our side for your success and know you can to!

Absolutely. The courses you have purchased grant you lifetime access, but don’t you want to get started today? But, we understand life is busy and urge you to set your pace, explore deeply, and enjoy the process of discovering your authentic style.

Getting started is easy! Once you join, you’ll be asked to complete your Style Passport Application – four short courses that help you identify your personal style preferences, color palette, and lifestyle, as well as submitting a form for your bonus body shape confirmation by April.

After completing these, you’ll be off and running – having full access to the community and nearly a hundred mini courses covering any related topic you can imagine. Most members start at the beginning and make their way through the courses in order as they were built to build upon each other.

You’ll also have immediate access to the community (introduce yourself!) and many other benefits.

Our most successful students use 1-2 hours a week to learn about their style either through our courses or through our live video sessions. 

We also encourage all of our students to take a few minutes each morning after getting dressed and take a selfie for their own records. Taking a selfie can help document your journey and help you see what you do or don’t love about an outfit.

Many of our students also spend a few minutes several days a week sharing their wins, outfits, questions and otherwise participating in our community.

The membership content and community is found either in the app (MyStyleAcademy app) or at our website

Near the end of your first year with My Style Academy, your membership will renew at the then-current price. 

We ALWAYS email you several weeks in advance of your upcoming renewal to provide you with your choices to continue or cancel.

We have a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you jump in and don’t see the immediate value of these courses and the bonuses, you can request a refund within seven days and we will process it.

My Style Academy

I brought together the best parts of my style content, expertise, and community benefits like the daily inspiration outfits, foolproof body shape advice, personal style foundation lessons, discovering the right colors for you, and a trusted and supportive community. Then, I threw in some great new benefits like building your style profile, creating a personal outfit album, the new app, live style coaching sessions, new style content, and more!

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