You're about to finally get the confidence you need to look put together everyday...and it will be EASY!

Are you ready for a put together you in the new year?

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Every day, with a hopeful heart you walk into your closet and cross your fingers that a stylish outfit will jump off the rack and onto your body.

Question is… What’s not working in your closet?

And whether you’ve tried other online styling courses, clothing subscriptions, color analysis, or dressing for your body type programs, something is missing and putting together outfits is still a struggle

If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT that you’re not put together everyday because getting dressed is frustrating, overwhelming, uncomfortable or doesn’t work with your lifestyle…


Because what follows could EASILY be the pivotal moment you look back on a few months from now when you confidently walk into your closet, put together a comfortable outfit that fits your lifestyle in just a few minutes, and start your day perfectly put together and ready for anything.


(the one that makes you cringe)

Inspiration strikes and you decide to get dressed in a t-shirt and jeans rather than your usual loungewear, and everyone you see that day asks, "Why are you so dressed up? Are you going somewhere today?" And you die a little inside every time. “Do I usually look so bad that a t-shirt and jeans means I'm dressed up? And the only reason I would get dressed is to go somewhere?”

But you’re busy! You’ve got little ones who keep you on the run. Or maybe you’re home alone all day and hardly ever see anyone, so what’s the point? Besides, yoga pants are SO comfortable, and they practically look like pants anyway…right?

You have a whole list of reasons not to get dressed each day, but really, you would love to look put together. It just feels too hard.



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The Entire Perfectly Put Together 4-Step Framework

The Bonus Library

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The Entire Perfectly Put Together 4-Step Framework

The Bonus Library

Lifetime Access


April’s done all the work. She has figured it out. You will find your style. Your loves. Your favorites. But, most important- you will find yourself.

Laura W.

Do it! It is the best gift you can give yourself..feeling confident and stunningly YOU in your clothing! April is the kindest, most caring and “real” person to learn from!

Lynette K.

If you want a wardrobe that is perfect for you, do it! It has helped me save money, by teaching me to avoid purchasing mistakes.

Kim S.


The 4 Reasons You’re Stuck with a Chronic Case of OUTFIT PARALYSIS

(and they are all myths)






I get it, you are BUSY.

  • Maybe you care for your aging parents.
  • If you have a chronic illness, your energy is the one thing you can’t waste.
  • Taking care of your family is a priority and keeps you constantly on the go.
  • Getting ready every day is a huge chunk of time you can’t sacrifice.

If you ignore your own needs all the time, you will run out of give. I’ve suffered from severe adrenal fatigue and caregiver’s fatigue because I put myself last for so long, all in the name of love, that my body gave out!

The Truth: My get ready routine takes 20 minutes, including hair, makeup, outfit, accessories, and shoes, and it can be that fast for you too! You deserve 20 minutes a day to look and feel great. Taking that time each day will make you more productive, more confident, and ready for anything the day brings. This is self-care.



Most of us have messy parts of our lives, and sometimes that mess gets on our clothes. Maybe you’re saving your clothes for….something. You want to protect them because you spent good money and don’t want to have to replace them.

I have 6 kids – including triplets – a dog, a business, a house that still doesn’t clean itself, and meals that don’t magically appear on the table. I’m able to do everything I need to in a day, from diapers to doggy care, dishes to dinner, and not stress about my outfit getting ruined. My wardrobe fits into my life, and not the other way around!

The Truth: There are stylish clothes that fit in with the messy parts of your life. You can be put together and worry free. Leaving your clothes in your closet unworn is more wasteful than if something does get on them.



We’ve all worn those jean we can’t sit down in, the top with sleeves so restrictive we can’t raise our arms above our shoulders, the shoes that leave blisters, and experienced the utter relief at shedding them at the first opportunity.

I can’t tolerate anything itchy, too tight, noisy, or swishy, and I refuse to settle! Comfort means something different to each of us, and everything I wear fits into my personal definition of comfort while still making me look and feel great.

The Truth: You can wear fantastic, put together outfits that are so comfortable you could sit on the floor, reach the top shelf, and walk for miles in.



If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that looking and feeling great in your clothes makes a difference, but you’ve been telling yourself it didn’t matter because it felt too hard.

Maybe you didn't know


  • Get up and get dressed in 20 minutes or less!
  • Shop your own closet for outfits you will love to wear!
  • Create outfits that fit into your lifestyle, and you can go through your day confidently. No worries about ruining something!
  • Take the time to care for yourself and send the message to everyone – most importantly YOU – that you are worth a few minutes to look put together each day!
  • Be more productive, feel better, and be ready for anything everyday!
  • Be comfortable in our outfit and your day wearing a stylish outfit that makes you look and feel fantastic

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you, whether you’ve tried other style solutions or this is your first try…

…but they DO depend on taking this step-by-step approach.

One that leverages proven outfit formulas and strategies, diving into your personal needs, all while dodging those sharp dangerous thoughts that tell you you’re not worth it, it’s too hard, and not to even bother.

I’m sharing my special strategies to figure out what is perfect for you, how to define it, and then apply it with easy outfit formulas that do the work for you.

And…that you’ll excitedly point back to a few weeks from now when you stop in your tracks because that put-together woman smiling back at you in the mirror– the one that you almost didn’t recognize - is actually YOU!





The Quick and Easy Way to Get Dressed by Shopping Your Closet for Comfortable Outfits that Fit Your Lifestyle

The Result Is...

The easy-to-follow Perfectly Put Together course that gives you a crystal clear roadmap for creating outfits from items in your own closet that are comfortable and fit your lifestyle.

After my own transformation with the Perfectly Put Together process, I've worked with thousands of women, listened to their own style stories and walked with them on their journey as this process has shaped their personal lives.



This is where you’ll create a foundation for putting together outfits with ease and confidence. Together we go through the elements of an outfit and identify what to look for, what to avoid, and how they fit together.

Remember, the main reason you get overwhelmed with creating outfits is that there are so many different styles out there it’s hard to figure out what to wear.

By the time you’re finished with lesson #1, you’ll have an understanding of the elements of each outfit, what the options are, how to find the right ones for yourself, and several examples of what to look for.


Get Real

Now that you know the elements, we are going to get real about your real life and the real you. This will really help you make informed choices when putting together an outfit.

This step is all about asking yourself the right questions so you can make the best choices FOR YOU. Customizing your outfits means this has to be all about you, and I guide you through the process so you know what you need in an item of clothing and an outfit.

No more wearing what you think you SHOULD wear, and yes to wearing what you love and works for you.



This is all about getting the details right FOR YOU. The goal is for you to love and feel fantastic in your outfits. These are the secrets I use to create my outfits, make them cohesive, interesting but not overwhelming, and just right for me.

It doesn’t matter how stylish or comfortable an outfit is, if you don’t feel great in it, you won’t wear it. This is where we get it right for you.

The 1-2-3 Outfit Formulas

I created 3 outfit formulas to get you started! They make putting together outfits so simple you won’t have to think about it!

It’s truly as easy as 1-2-3, and you’re dressed!

Bonuses to Help on Your Style Journey

Bonus Video #1: The Art of the Selfie (and How to Take a Great One)

Creating an album of outfits you love and can refer to on busy days requires some selfie skills. There are some definite tricks to the trade, and in this video I’m sharing them all!

Bonus Video #2: The Two Things You Can Do IMMEDIATELY to Update Your Style

In this videos I’m helping you update your style so you look modern, but classic. These two details can really date your look and make you look out of style, even if your outfit is on point, but they are easy fixes!

Bonus Video #3: Quick and Easy Makeup Tutorial for Every Day and How to Customize It for Your Skin Tone

I'm sharing my favorite, quick and easy, everyday makeup tutorial and how to adapt it for your undertone. This makeup look highlights your naturally beautiful features so you still look like you, but look put together. It goes with every outfit and I share how to make it minimal or dramatic.

Bonus #4: Exclusive Facebook Group

A private, exclusive, supportive Facebook Group to discuss all of this with other women who are on this journey with you, as well as access to me!

The Perfectly Put Together Course and Bonuses

($397 Value)

Priority Access to the 4-Step Perfectly Put Together Framework and Bonuses starting on January 2, 2020!

  • Confidently Put Together Comfortable Outfits from Your Own Closet That Fit Your Lifestyle

    Imagine starting each day looking and feeling confident because you are put together and ready for anything! No more ignoring the doorbell, no more being asked if you don’t feel well today, no more making excuses for still being in pajamas at 3 p.m., and no more worries that you don’t have time!

  • Get the Foundational Framework You Need to Create Outfits You Love to Wear

    Take the guesswork, overwhelm, and frustration out of getting dressed once and for all. After implementing everything you learn in this course, you’ll confidently be able to create your own outfits with ease.

  • Never Use the 3 Myths as an Excuse Again

    It can be hard to make yourself a priority, messes do happen, and no one wants to be uncomfortable all day. With the Perfectly Put Together course you’ll never believe those myths again, and your excuses will disappear as you are able to quickly look put together in outfits that make you look and feel great every day.

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of PRICELESS...

When I launch next year the course will be priced at $147, but because I’m super excited to launch this course for the first time, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll as a founding member TODAY at your special promo price of just…



(Save $100)

The Entire Perfectly Put Together 4-Step Framework

The Bonus Library

Lifetime Access




(Pay $113.50 today and the 2nd payment of $113.50 will be billed 30 days later)

The Entire Perfectly Put Together 4-Step Framework

The Bonus Library

Lifetime Access


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This course has helped me reclaim my classic style. With the body changes that come with getting older, I had retreated into tunics and was hiding in my clothing. I realize that I don’t need to do that to feel pulled together and confident. Perfectly Put Together is helping me to think about my wardrobe and personal style in an organized, systematic way. I also really enjoy the social media aspect of the classes.

Laura M.

I love the program and what I am learning about myself and my personal style. I feel that I am going to be able to make smarter purchases in the future.


I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone that is struggling to identify their personal style and wants to cultivate a capsule wardrobe of pieces they love and want to wear.

Things have finally clicked for me!  I now understand what I like, and why.  My efforts to develop my own style in the past has essentially been trying to copy outfits that I like on others.  This never felt authentic to me, and my wardrobe was a disjointed mess.

Carolyn C.

Here's why you need to get inside Perfectly Put Together TODAY

“The best time to start looking and feeling put together was yesterday…the next best time is today.”

We all wish that we ALREADY had a closet full of amazing outfits that feel fantastic and work with our days…


All you need is the secrets to find the items in your closet that really work for you and to know how to put them together. The outfits are there, now you are going to find them! Otherwise we self-sabotage and stay stuck in our yoga pants for another year. And since you’re reading this,

I absolutely don’t want that for you.

I don’t want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now and wonder why you’re missing from all the pictures (because you were too embarrassed to say, “Cheese!” in your yoga pants), and miss an impromptu meet up with a friend because you still hadn’t showered today.

I want you to confidently start each day Perfectly Put Together and ready for anything! And I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today.

Burning Questions

When does the course start? +

January 2 the first module will be available in your dashboard, and every Tuesday and Thursday you'll get access to a new module (12 modules in total).

Can an online course really teach me how to dress confidently? +

Absolutely! Because here's the thing. You're not doing this alone. Along with the members of the exclusive Facebook community, you'll have access to me as we cheer each other on in this powerful and personal journey. I've laid out each step for you to work your way through the aha! moments and exactly what you need to do to be perfectly put together.

How is the course delivered? +

The course is online at You will receive log-in details when the course launches on January 2, 2020. Each lesson includes video tutorials, homework assignments, cheat sheets, and discussion of the content.

Questions about the course content are answered in the exclusive course Facebook group, where you and other women will take this journey together and support each other along with me!

Does the Perfectly Put Together process help with both professional and casual outfits? +

Yes! Most of us have and need some of both types of outfits, and throughout the course we define the differences between the two outfit types and how to create them.

Will you be around to answer my questions? +

You'll have access to me in the exclusive Facebook Group.

I don't have time to do an online course right now. What should I do? +

I understand! Life is busy, and I work with busy women, from stay-at-home moms, professional women, or retired beauties. We have built this course to accommodate your life. The course is self-paced as the lessons become available and you have access to the course FOREVER. You'll never fall behind.

The benefits of buying now are you can start the new year looking and feeling great. And the course price will be going up substantially next year! Plus, you owe it to yourself to feel confident every day. YOU DESERVE THIS!

Does the course expire? +

You will always have access to this course, as well as any updates or improvement I make over the years! You can come back and access it at any time.

Do I have to buy a bunch of new clothes? +

By the end of this course, you will know how to shop your closet for outfits you already have (and didn't even know it!), and how to make better shopping choices in the future.

Will you make me dress like everyone else in the course? +

Definitely not! This course is customized to you, your lifestyle, and what you love. There are no rules to follow, but a framework to guide you to outfits you will love and wear.

How long does it take to finish the course? +

The course is six weeks, but you will have unlimited access to the course content (including new content as added down the road) and the exclusive Facebook group ongoing.

How does this differ from the Stunning Style Society? +

The Stunning Style Society provides access to seasonal Wardrobe Guides with a curated wardrobe and outfits. The Guides are meant to be a template that you adapt to suit your style. The Perfectly Put Together course dives into the HOW and the WHY of creating outfits that are perfect for you so you can shop your closet for outfits you love. It will help you refine your style and get the best results from the Guides.

I don't use Facebook - can I still participate? +

100% Yes!

All course content will be at our website While having access to the Facebook group is great, it is NOT a must for this program.

Here's What People Are Saying

Amy S.

Running errands & working around the house today.

Normally, I would throw on a pair of yoga pants & a shirt & call it good but I’m really getting used to being “dressed”.

Amy S.

I’m sick today. This morning, I put on jeans and left on my PJ shirt for school drop-off. Was able to take a nap before pick-up. Thought about doing the same thing, but then told myself to make that 2-minute extra effort to change completely and dab on some lipgloss. I feel so much better just knowing I look fabulous.

Nanette F.

I was in Chicago for the weekend and got MULTIPLE compliments about how I looked. I was wearing jeans, nothing fancy, just put together as April has taught me.

Nanette F.

Still Undecided?

You’re ready to be Perfectly Put Together if…

You’ve tried other styling courses or clothing subscription boxes, but still don’t understand the HOW.

You feel tired and unmotivated every day.

You scroll Pinterest for amazing outfits…while you still wear yoga pants everyday

You’re ready to make yourself a priority and get ready in the morning.

You want to know HOW to put together your own outfits instead of copying someone else’s.

You’re excited reading this and thinking it just might be possible for you! (I’m telling you IT IS POSSIBLE!)

You need a step-by-step process and formulas to get you going. No guessing. This is exactly how to do it.

You want this to be personalized TO YOU.

You want to shop confidently and stop making shopping mistakes.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

5-Day Money Back Guarantee

If after you take Lesson 1 (available to you on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020), you decide that Perfectly Put Together is not going to help you create amazing outfits, save time and money, and feel confident everyday, you have until Monday, January 6, 2020 to request a full refund (prior to Lesson 2 becomes available on Tuesday, January 7, 2020).

So…will you start your day Perfectly Put Together, or with a hopeful heart and your yoga pants?

Remember that critical question we began this whole conversation with?


You now have the power to make sure no one asks it again, because even when you don’t feel well, you will be Perfectly Put Together, and it won’t show.

When you sign up for this course and start putting the 4 steps to work, you will start each day confident and ready! I can’t wait to meet you inside the Classic Style Academy!

Stay Stunning,




(Save $100)

The Entire Perfectly Put Together 4-Step Framework

The Bonus Library

Lifetime Access




(Pay $113.50 today and the 2nd payment of $113.50 will be billed 30 days later)

The Entire Perfectly Put Together 4-Step Framework

The Bonus Library

Lifetime Access