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What You'll Learn in this Course

Module 1: Your Signature Style Twist

Learn the basic elements of your Chic Style Twist and how to bring your personality into your wardrobe to start feeling perfectly you.

Module 2: The Power of Color & How to Use It

Color is a big part of creating your authentic signature style, and this module will show you how to use it in a powerful way to tell your style story.

Module 3: Your Perfect Patterns & Textures

Pattern and texture create interest in your outfits, and it all starts with learning the right ones to make it feel perfect for your style.

Module 4: The Special Details Matter

This concept is eye-opening, and once you know the perfect special details for your Twist, you’ll be able to elevate any outfit with just a few tweaks.

Module 5: Finding Your Best Layers

Layers are a quintessential piece in every wardrobe, and in this module you’ll learn how to navigate the endless options to make your outfits feel complete.

Module 6: Your Best Accessories

The finishing touches on your outfits are the best part, and your personality will shine through when you learn the best accessories for your Twist.

Module 7: Creating Your Perfect Outfits

Whether an outfit feels practically perfect or totally wrong, one small change can make all the difference and this module will walk you through it. 

Module 8: Pull it all Together with Your Twist

By the end, you’ll know your signature color palette, patterns, details and so much more. Time to put it all together to create your signature style!

Added Bonuses if You Purchase Today

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Bonus 1: Keep or Keep Looking

Waiting for the perfect item vs. settling: where do you draw the line? It’s important not to settle when it comes to the items you bring into your wardrobe, but requiring perfection could mean you have an empty closet. When is good enough…good enough?

Bonus 2: Wearing what You Love

It’s too easy to let what others dictate what you “should” do, be, wear, say, or think. It’s time to take what you’ve learned about dressing authentically you and put aside what others think. This bonus makes that easy. 

Bonus 3: Navigating a Style Identity Crisis

Change can sneak up on you, or it can smack you in the face. Marriage, divorce, a move, job change, new mom, empty nester, and other major life changes make you question everything. Suddenly, you don’t know who you are or what you like to wear. An identity crisis leads to a style crisis because you express who you are through your style. We work through this process together.

Bonus 4: How to Work through a Style Transition

You are not static. Through life experiences, you grow and develop over time and your style changes because they are a reflection of who we are in that moment.

Let’s work through the confusion that can come with a wardrobe transition and you’ll learn how to express who you are through your appearance. 

Bonus 5: Incorporating You Twist in the Spring

There is something about the changing of seasons that can change your style cravings. While spring, summer, fall and winter transition smoothly in style, winter to spring can be a challenge because the styles are the exact opposite of each other. Talk about a wardrobe whiplash!

Learn how put that spring in your step by incorporating your chic style twist in the spring.

Why Learn from Me?

Hi, I’m April, and I have spent years learning the details about the exact details of the five primary Twists on style and how to put them together so you can create a closet full of favorites and a very distinct personal style that is so consistent, cohesive and curated that other people can recognize it immediately. Best of all, you’ll feel perfectly you! 

After this course, you’ll have the confidence to stick to your style preferences and wear what YOU love. Your style will perfectly reflect who you are with confidence and know the go-to combinations for effortless outfits. 

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll get immediate access to Modules 1 and 2 to get started. Then, each week, you’ll receive an additional full modules with 2-6 lessons. The entire course takes approximately seven weeks.

Absolutely! Because here’s the thing. You’re not doing this alone. Along with the members of the exclusive Facebook community, you’ll have access to me as we cheer each other on in this powerful and personal journey. I’ve laid out each step for you to work your way through the aha! moments and exactly what you need to do to be take your style and make it your signature.

The course is online at StyleAcademy.StunningStyle.com. You will receive log-in details within a few minutes of signing up (if you don’t see the email please check your spam and promotions folders). Each lesson includes video tutorials, homework assignments, cheat sheets, and discussion of the content.

Questions about the course content are answered in the exclusive course Facebook group, where you and other women will take this journey together and support each other along with me

I understand! Life is busy, and I work with busy women, from stay-at-home moms, to professional women, to retired women. We have built this course to accommodate your life. The course is self-paced as the lessons become available and you have access to the course FOREVER. You’ll never fall behind.

The benefits of buying now are you can start looking and feeling great whenever you are ready, whether that’s right now or in a month. And the course price will be going up substantially next year! Plus, you owe it to yourself to feel confident every day. YOU DESERVE THIS!

You will always have access to this course, as well as any updates or improvements I make over the years! You can come back and access it at any time, and many of my students do. They learn something new about their style each time.

Definitely not! This course is customized to you, your lifestyle, and what you love. There are no rules to follow, but a framework to guide you to items and outfits you will love and wear. You will look like YOU.

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