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The only course for learning the rules of dressing to flatter your body and still wearing what you love!

Style Your Silhouette is the only program of its kind. In course 1, it not only shows you exactly how to dress to flatter your figure — but in course 2 you learn how to break the rules and wear the things you love while still highlighting your best features.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Nail down your body type (80% of women think they are a different body type!)
  • Know all of your best features and what makes your shape unique to you
  • Learn the tools for choosing the most flattering tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and layers for your silhouette
  • Have a clear layout of exactly what suits your beautiful body best
  • Learn how to wear what you love, even if it doesn’t follow the rules
  • Shop for pants confidently
  • Understand the elements of each type of clothing, like pockets, fabric, and color, and how they affect your silhouette 


  • Fall in love with your body all over again.

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Hi! I’m April, the creator of the Stunning Style Classic Wardrobe Guides and the Perfectly Put Together: Find Your Style course. I’ve devoted years to figuring out my style so I look and feel my best, and helping other women do the same. One aspect of my style is dressing to flatter and balance my figure as a pear-shaped woman.

If you’ve been around me for a while, you know I love…and hate rules. Knowing them is powerful, and knowing which ones I want to break is just as powerful. 

My newest course focuses on body types, how to identify yours, what makes yours special, how to flatter it, and how to break the rules to make your style truly yours. I created this course to help women of all shapes and sizes understand the body type general rules and then help personalize it all to their unique body, style and lifestyle. 

I’ve helped tens of thousands of women identify, create and flourish in their own personal style. Let me help you break free of all the rules the “experts” want to give you so you can create your own rules to live by so you look and feel amazing everyday.