Summer Access Closes In:


I thought I looked so chic in my straight-from-pinterest outfit…

…until I saw the pictures and my heart sank. Instead of looking chic, I looked like an Instagram imposter.

I didn’t even recognize myself under the layers of trends I’d piled on. What looked so great on the internet was all wrong for my classic style.

“In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic.” - Iman

Now my done-for-you classic wardrobe builder is here to give you the easy path to personalized classic style…

…without all the time, effort, frustration, and money I poured into it.

All I wanted was to look effortlessly stylish – but still look like me. And I was failing miserably – wasting money and feeling embarrassed because I had abandoned the classic style I’d always loved and started chasing trends that didn’t suit me.

Hi, my name is April Grow, and I’m going to share my story of how I reclaimed and customized my classic style after having 6 kids in 6 years and how it drove me to create the Classic Wardrobe Builder.

Here’s the truth:

Classic style can be stuffy and dated.

Some people sum it up in three words: boring, blah, and bland. And then they go to sleep. Which means it’s clearly the wrong style for them. But for those who hear the siren call, they’d sum it up in two words: practically perfect. But after years of struggling to make it fit like a tailor-made suit, I left it behind and dove head-first into the trends du jour.

Let’s bust a myth. Effortless style isn't really effortless.

A lot of time, effort, and money goes into it when you do it on your own. Which is exactly what I did.

That’s when the revolving door on my closet shifted into turbo speed.

I was constantly shopping and purging one “fantastic” find after another, putting together “stylish” outfits, and then cringing when I saw the pictures later, spending thousands of dollars and thousands of hours experimenting with my style. Instead of wearing what I loved, I was trying too hard to be fashionable, on trend, and AWESOME. When, looking back at the pictures, I should have been praying no one would see me…

The truth is: this happened for a few years.


…and less like me one tragic purchase at a time despite all the style courses, blogs, and trends I tried.

After having 6 kids in 6 years I felt old, out of touch, irrelevant, and frumpy…all the things classic style can be when it doesn’t have a personalized twist.

Instead of giving up on my quest for effortless style, I spent the next few years unlocking the secrets of taking the classic style I’ve always loved from practically perfect to perfectly me. It became my OBSESSION and now…

I’ve never felt more content and confident in myself, my wardrobe, and my style.

This kind of peace and closet contentment is what I wanted every classic-style woman to experience.

I began blogging about my journey, and women started asking me:

How to put together outfits •
Where to shop •
Which pieces to have in their wardrobes, and •
How to get their classic style perfect for them
I began blogging about my journey, and women started asking me:

• How to put together outfits
• Where to shop
• Which pieces to have in their wardrobes, and
• How to get their classic style perfect for them

Now I’m sharing my secrets with you…

I’m a Classic-Style Wardrobe Architect helping women curate their closets, own their style, and build their confidence.

One day I woke up and decided to create a solution for all the other classic-style women, and there is nothing out there like it.

It’s called the Stunning Style Classic Wardrobe Builder and it’s all yours when you join the Stunning Style Society.

Curate a classic wardrobe that feels timeless — not frozen in time

Classic style doesn’t have to feel drab.

With the Stunning Style Society, I show you how to pair that beautiful timeless piece from your closet with other pieces to show off your Classic Twist.

Let’s take the struggle and frustration out of getting dressed every morning. Master the classic look for every season and feel empowered by your style.

As a Society member, you get access to:

  • The 3Cs Style program where I show you how to Collect, Customize, and Curate a stunning classic  wardrobe.
  • A complete done-for-you classic-style Wardrobe Builder with shopping links to 30+ timeless pieces in a bold, cool color palette. I have tried on and reviewed each item for color, fit, and fabric.
  • 100 outfit ideas to inspire you to create your own classic looks. Take the guesswork out of getting dressed each morning.
  • A monthly outfit calendar with suggested combinations so you don’t have to make any 6 a.m. style decisions if you don’t want to.
  • A custom classics-only shopping portal with links to many items for each season. Filter by size, color, item, and more to find the perfect version of a classic piece you love.


  • Find out about new trends on live Facebook calls with April.

  • Get seasonal tips and behind the scenes unboxings.

  • Get access to bonus style steps and learn from other Stunning Style members.


  • Get inspiration from other classic women.

  • Be encouraged by other members of the Stunning Style Society.

  • Receive support, feedback, and exclusive content from me in our private Facebook group.

The Society has thousands of women just like you who adore timeless style. They started out where you are now — with a strong love of classic clothes but no idea how to make them look updated and personalized.

Through the Stunning Style Society membership, they’ve learned how to dress in a way that helps them feel confident and timeless — not dated and dull.

There is no other membership or capsule wardrobe program that focuses on the modern classic woman. If you’re ready to learn how to effortlessly create your signature style, shop your closet, know how to mix-and-match, and streamline shopping, join the society today!

1 payment of $97 per season or $35 per month for a 3-month commitment

This payment gets you everything!

The Stunning Style Society Is Now Open For Only 8 Days!

Now for the first time ever there’s a wardrobe builder for classic style.

Join the Stunning Style Society today and get immediate access to the Summer Classic-Style Wardrobe Builder and more.

Want to see what’s waiting for you when you join the Stunning Style Society?


1. Collect – We shop our closets together and you can draw inspiration on how to curate your own closet.

2. Customize – Learn how to shop your own closet, understand seasonal trends, and learn from 1,000+ other classic style women.

3. Curate – We finish up with an end-of-season wardrobe evaluation, where you decide what stays and what goes. At this point, a wardrobe purge is easy because you know what you loved and didn’t this season!


Receive a new Classic Wardrobe Guide (ebook) each season with links to 30+ classic-style pieces in a bold, cool color palette I’ve personally selected for you.

Most of these classic items you probably already own, along with a few special pieces to bring new life to your wardrobe.

Each season’s Guide includes a complete catalog and shopping list for all the items so you can shop your closet or the stores for what you need.

“I really love April. The seasonal guides are fun and can provide some great current choices for a wardrobe. The shopping links are AWESOME! (that might be the biggest value of all!)”
– Society Member


Discover done-for-you shopping in a convenient classics only online portal.

Curated by me, especially for you, get links to a seasonal collection to make updating your classic-style wardrobe fun, fast, and easy!

  • Each featured item has various options for your Classic  Style Twist.

  • Filter options for both plus size and petite.

  • I order all the core items first and check them for color, fit, quality, and sizing so you don’t have to!

“You have really outdone yourself on the new shopping portal. It is outstanding! I can’t believe how easy it is to find exactly what I am looking for. What a fun surprise for us, and so much more than I ever expected.”Debbie R.F.


  • Each of the 100 outfit combinations will inspire you and make getting dressed simple.

  • Get maximum wear out of your classic pieces by learning new ways to wear old favorites!

  • Includes suggestions for accessories like shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry.

“This is my favorite styling space! Yes, I signed up. No brainer! You and your talents are a blessing to me for sure.” – Kathy J.


  • A new calendar each month with an outfit of the day so you can get dressed quickly and look effortlessly chic.

  • With an outfit idea every day, you have one less decision to make each morning.

  • Or you can use the outfit calendar as inspiration to create your own signature classic look. Whatever the day calls for!

“The calendars of daily inspiration outfits are invaluable!!!”
– Gloria


  • A member favorite!

  • Share outfits, receive support (encouraging and safe atmosphere)

  • Join me for Facebook LIVE sessions where I’ll answer your style questions!

  • All Facebook LIVE recordings are uploaded to the members-only website so you can catch the replay.

“I re-joined Facebook solely to join these groups and have met quite a few ladies whom I would love to meet in person, as I feel like we are already buddies. A heartfelt thank you to all of you for helping me re-find myself. It means more than you know.”
– Sarah K-G


Log in to our members-only website with a customized dashboard where you’ll be able to access your Wardrobe Builder, calendars, shopping portal, and bonuses, along with the weekly Style Steps lessons, challenges, and assignments. Not on Facebook? Not a problem, as everything is stored for you here.

“The content in the [Society] dashboard is so worth the price and then some. I’ve never found anyone like April that conveys info yet still allows the learner to make the final decision on how to incorporate the new knowledge.”
– Alessandra L.


“Oh, I love the new guide and shopping portal. Also, I am trying some new brands. I would never have tried them if it weren’t for April. I don’t have time to shop and this guide makes this so much easier to find great classics. Thank you, April!”

Megan F., Society Member


“April is a mentor. Honestly, learning how to dress and wear makeup has affected all my relationships and interactions with others. I continue to have experiences where strangers and even old acquaintances treat me the way I want to be treated. These seemingly simple guides have been a powerful change for good. I wish I had these tools years ago!”

Lorria B., Society Member


“I only had a minute to look at the guide before I had to go back to running errands today, but I LOVE it! I think one of my favorite things about it is that I already have a lot of the items. And now April is showing me how to use them together. Plus a little extra interest with the items I don’t have…yet.

Deesha F., Society Member

Frequently Asked Questions

The Stunning Style Society can help any woman who loves classic style and wants to make it her own! Our members include women of every age, size, and stage of life, with a focus on the everyday woman who wants to look and feel timeless in her classic clothing.
The Classic Style Twist quiz helps you figure out what your personal style combination is — whether that is Sporty Classic, Minimal Classic, Edgy Classic, Cute Classic, Soft Classic, or a combination. With the Style Steps, I give you ideas on how to incorporate them and make each outfit your own. It will soon become second nature!
Not at all. The seasonal Classic-Style Wardrobe Builder is built around key wardrobe items you probably already have and add in the perfect seasonal trends to keep you looking updated and fabulous. There is never any pressure to buy additional clothes and I will show you how to “shop your closet first!” This saves you money as you build a cohesive wardrobe perfect for you.
Yes! Many of the clothing options in the custom shopping portal have petite and plus size options available, as well as options for each Classic Style Twist!
You’re never TOO anything to look and feel your best. Style is ageless, and every woman at every age, size, and stage of life deserves to love what she wears, and look and feel her best!

After you join, you will receive your welcome email with a link to access the Classic-style Wardrobe Builder. If you have any questions about this process, please email and we will assist you!

The Classic-style Wardrobe Builder isn’t meant to be a limitation. The Builder can be used as a complete capsule wardrobe, inspiration to wear what you already have in new ways, or be a wardrobe refresh. Add anything else you want and keep existing items in your closet.

Take the Classic Style Twist quiz. Read the articles. See what outfits get you the most compliments. What are you drawn to as opposed to what do you feel like you SHOULD wear?
Yes, you can cancel your future seasonal or annual auto-renewal at any time in your account. We send renewal reminder emails in advance to ensure you are aware of the renewal.

The Classic-style Wardrobe Builder has helped thousands of women to be stunning by providing seasonal classic outfits and the convenience of shopping links. While a great value and convenience, the Society is how I walk you through the process of building a cohesive classic wardrobe you will love and wear for years to come.
The Builder paired with Style Steps mean you will get the most from your experience. Best of all, you get increased access to April in Facebook live videos and to the community of Stunners that can answer questions, collaborate and inspire!

Here's Why You Need To Get Inside The Stunning Style Society Today

The Best Time To Build A Classic-Style Wardrobe You Love Might Have Been Last Year.

We all wish that we ALREADY had our style defined and a closet full of clothes that we can effortlessly mix and match in five minutes or less with a signature twist that makes our style our own.

But to get there, you need to take stock of where you are TODAY! Resolve to end the impulse buying, getting lost in trends, and instead build your own customized, cohesive wardrobe that will have everyone saying…

“That Is So You!”


You Finally Create Your Perfect Classic-Style Wardrobe

The Classic-style Wardrobe Builder and the Style Steps will help you look effortlessly chic! This is your moment to turn heads and have people asking, “What are you doing to look so good these days?!”

You Look Your Best In Just A Few Minutes Every Morning

Using the custom wardrobe I curated just for you and… a monthly outfit calendar with daily outfit recommendations so you don’t have to think about what to wear! Unless you have something against saving time, this is BIG.

You Enjoy Shopping That Is Finally Fun, Fast, And Easy

No more rash, trendy purchases that don’t fit you or your style. The online shopping portal is a curated selection I’ve vetted for you! I’ve already ordered and tried on all the featured items in the seasonal wardrobe, so you can shop with confidence from your couch!

You Have Confidence That You Look Your Best Every Single Day

Whether you’re running the kids around, meeting up with friends, volunteering, heading to work, or going out on a date night, you will look effortlessly chic. Never again feel frumpy or dated in your classic style (no judgment. We’ve all been there).
Stop wasting hours staring into your closet, searching the internet, and wasting money on clothes you wear only once–or never wear, and worse…

I want you to CONFIDENTLY wear your classic style and know you look updated and chic. And it almost feels like you’re cheating because it looks like you have your own personal stylist dressing you (because you do).

And I want you to thank yourself for choosing Stunning Style today.

You Deserve It.

"That feeling you get when you know you look and feel amazing in your clothes!" - April Grow

Seasonal Membership

Get everything with just 1 payment of $97 or 3 monthly payments of $35

1 payment of $97 per season or $35 per month for a 3-month commitment

You can unlock:

  • The 3Cs Style Program that shows you how to Collect, Customize, and Curate your classic wardrobe.
  • A Capsule Wardrobe Builder for every season — with links to 30+ classic-style pieces in a bold, cool color palette.
  • 100 inspiration outfit ideas so you get maximum wear out of each item.
  • A monthly calendar with suggested outfits so you never have to spend more than a few minutes getting dressed (or thinking about it!).
  • A custom classics-only online shopping portal with links to many additional items to directly shop the outfits from your closet or the stores.
  • An encouraging members-only Facebook group to get inspiration from other classic women.
  • Weekly videos with me to get personalized style tips you can start using ASAP.

Get a whole season of wardrobe building at a great savings.

Get all that for just $97 a season

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